25 Sept 2023


get a kit & join us 28 Sept for blue-printing, shine or rain !

our work often makes us cry – & not just the restorations…

the kindness of our guests : thank you Alex Ozeran for the delightful prints !

5 Sept 2023

we’re here more so you won’t feel so alone …

New Hours ! 11am – 7PM M – W & Su & Th 12 – 4 PM !

photographer hangouts Sun 1 – 3 PM … not than any other open hour isn’t !

21 August 2023

off-color Aug wraps up with cine film ( ECN – 2 process ) development !

new schedule Sept ! yep, we’ll be more available for you starting 5 Sept :

11a – 7p Mon – Wed & 12 – 4 PM Sun & Thu !

come in for services, lessons or use the spaces !

Thank you for your support < 3

KAT & Mouse

9 July 2023

Change is ahead ! … invariably .

New Hours* beginning August ! Closed for drop-ins Aug, but keep an eye out for pop-ups! Then, increased hours in Sept ! Woo – morns & nites !

*bi/annual members have access & the added bonus of hanging around & picking up new tricks & ideas …

Got an idea or photographic curiosity … tell us about it – keep the space going !

if you want to see an independent photo-focused art space in Corvallis, support us !

Come in for lessons ! Purchase art, or utilize services for reproductions of YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS WORK ( I’m not yelling–I have no link for that, & would love to know your favorite artist(s) so reach out ! )

say hi to Mouse !

ciao for now


6 June 2023

MORE lesson sessions !! Starting 13 June & thru the month, Scanning will be offered

Tues 6 -8 pm or Weds 9 – 11 am

23 May 2023

it’s that time of the month again … we’re closed* our open hours Full Moon weeks for reflection & restoration …

mascot Mouse says it’s time to rest & reflect–see you next week !

*bi//annual members have after-hours access

ride the night-light & come back to us with several rolls of film or print ideas !

updated Film Services : first roll developed by us $15 // 1st roll scanned $10 for hi-res tiffs

That’s $25 for your first film roll developed & scanned by Light Rider Studios ! Still hand-done for those unique touches you love–especially the quick turnaround–but at almost half the going rate !

Emulsion Enthusiasts – get your 7th roll developed or scanned on the house !

there are several versions of Kodak’s Vision 3 film out there ! try ’em all …

31 Mar 2023

Thank ya’ll for turning up the heat with us–there would be no anniversary without you !

collages were made, sushi was et … a group of predominantly introverts had a good time together : )

2023 marches on & we head into our second year of this community-photography hot-spot

Color film developing workshop Thrusday 6 -9 PM to round out the month.

We’re closed our regular M – W open hours for full moon week again ! Bi//annual members retain after hours access.

see you back in the Studios 10 April & for Enlarging !

13 March 2023

we’re almost a year old, thanks to ya’ll !

celebrate our 1-year anniversary with us 25th March 4 – 7 PM with a bonfire ! ( weather permitting )

fire light

rain or shine, come by for freebies up for grabs & via our art-wall raffle–the theme is blue; bring in a, or send in a file to, print & add to our photo wall. Top 3 audience choice picks will get a camera; a class; or a month membership–woo-hoo !

add your blue to our wall for a chance at a prize

1 March 2023

periodically we pause our regular weekday hours to replenish & reflect… chemistry, taxes, & mopping this merry go …

next week is Full Moon


We’ll be back to regularly scheduled shenanigans Thurs 9 March for film developing lessons 6 – 9 PM & bi//annual members have their regular weekend access.

Thank you Willamette Valley PhotoArts Guild, OSU Photo Society, & John Ritchie Images for hanging out last month !

hasta pronto

ala Ko

6 Feb 2023

break it down into accessible pieces …

Photography lessons from Camera to Printing, analog & digital–take one, take ’em all or a la carte !

Each course offered twice a month, with a new course each month. Sign-up for one but you can attend both sessions. Baby steps. Like Mouse. Who’s no baby…

Kids classes, too ! Similar but simplified 3rd Thursday after school (3:30ish) to pickup (5 to 6 ish ). Learn camera, editing & printing if you are 10+

10 Jan 2023

We believe in dinosaurs…

& reincarnation !

With the ability to scan & print negatives, historical methodologies & tools are available to you … & they just look cool !

18 Dec 2022

Film Flight ! Yep, get three rolls of B&W 35mm film developed in 3 different developers for $50 ($75 value) + darkroom micro-lesson ( invaluable !) ; become a Member & flight fee is waived !

on tap : Ilfolsol-S; Acufine ; & Sprint — just try it !

Members have access to HC-110, D-76 & Xtol as well… whatever we have on hand that was collected or donated (plus C41 & E6 chemistry 😉 !

Alternative Processes are limited to those iron-based printing techniques ( cyanotypes & Van Dyke browns ) until the weather gets warmer & dryer… Salt & other Silver methods will be back Spring – Fall ! & your wet processes ( tintype, gum bichromate, collodion ) will be available come summer … in the meantime, collect imagery digitally or on film–& develop at the Studios !

8 Dec 2022

Alternative Photography Starter Kits now available …yep, get pre- sensitized & emulsified Cyanotype & Anthotype papers with instructions & contact print frame to get you started UV-Light Drawing ! Develop your unique look. 

This season’s Anthotype flavor is Borscht ( beet, cabbage & onion ). Created on-site by-hand !

13 Nov 2022

Hours update : now open to Members only by appointment Fri – Sun .

drop-in hours : 11-4 Mon – Tue .

1 Nov 2022

Founding Members invest in themselves via their art practice & in this space so that others may do the same.

Koa is a broad with a garage of chemistry. I’ve had a darkroom in some way or form pretty much everywhere–at least, that there is record of ! Including this place a few years ago. Back after being inspired ( & gear acquired ) to have this space.

Middle kid, I know how to share & Corvallis’ former community darkroom closed a few years back. Hence, gear. Space. Share. Time… not so much, at least, not beyond me, Mouse & the outside. But if you like silver & pixels, let’s play. At least, share place.


We’re Falling for Alternative Processes…

& so could you !

Join us at Light Rider Studios for Lessons in nearly everything photographic, customized to you & suitable for almost all ages (13+) !

Take simplified versions off-site at the Corvallis Community Center (C3) this fall to get an idea of what you can do with light-writing (photo-graphy).


Join us this weekend for Cyanotype on Fabric workshop !

Give natural fabrics a boost with this early light-writing technique yielding rich prussian blues !

Want us to do the work for you ? We can do that, too !

Pre-sensitized fabric & Cyanotype-printed clothing coming soon–stay tuned !!

Kits available now.


We will be closed 21-31 August to make improvements !

Photo-Garage Sale 27 Aug 11a – 4p

Join us in September for Cyanotype on Fabric workshop, more classes & space updates !


A sampler of some of what you can do at Light Rider Studios/what you can learn/what you can have us do for you at Arts Alive! 13 Aug 2022


3 months into this & we’ve met awesome folx & seen our self grow !

cinestill 800

Still at it using good ol’ film…

New offerings : Image Making I – if what you see is not what you are getting in your images, these lessons will help you learn the strategies & key principles to creating the images you want with your camera, digital or analog.

Summer Camp learn the basic principles of Light Drawing– Photography–in this 4 half-day camp covering a bit o’ history; a li’l science; pinhole camera making; & contact print methodologies using light sensitive materials ! M-Th 12-4pm each week in August. Ages 5+

Or sign-up for our Accessible Light Drawing Workshop that will be part of Arts Alivethrough The Arts Center August 12-13.

For a sneak peak, please visit us at Truckenbrod Gallery during July’s Corvallis Art Walk as we’ll be teaching iterations of this workshop for Living Studios all month.  

& check-out Light Rider Studios’ owner, Koa A. Tom, exhibit Bodyland at Truckenbrod Gallery in July. 


Schedule Lessons in various photographic methodologies from building your own pinhole camera to printing digital negatives… we’re here to support your creative endeavors in light-writing.


Some things end, others begin… We will no longer be open special hours for Art Park–Light Rider Studios remains a community-focused photography hub so drop-in during our regular hours ( Sun-Wed 11a-4p) !

Our Spring lesson series are almost over, but, going forward, we will have more course & time options .

get the feels with film

Stay focused.


It’s World Pinhole Photography Day ! We’re here (same Light Rider time & place: 11-4, 2150 NE Conifer Blvd) with supplies for you to make your own pinhole camera & photograph.

Feel free to bring any light-tight easy to get into container to make your camera. There are lots of nice manufactured pinhole cameras out there, too ! Use the tool that is right for you.

We have some old paper & fresh chemistry for you to develop a pinhole camera print.


You can sign-up for Spring Lessons now ! & we added a few more…


Thank you for coming out in-person & in-spirit to our Grand Opening 26 March 2022.

Sign-up for a darkroom class !


sweet article by Emilie Ratcliffe in this week’s Advocate.


Call for Art !


Have you ever created work, intentionally or not, resembling that of another artist ? Have a picture of yourself or someone you know that looks like another ? That is the theme of our Art Call ! Send images of your work/family photo & its doppelgänger to by Noon 25 March 2022. Please indicate size/scope & display needs. All media & folx encouraged !

Audience Choice Raffle for 3 Giclee Prints ( equal to 11×14 ); Intro to Film Photography session; or an hour Restoration participants.

We look forward to seeing you–double !


We’ve been surely making improvements for you !

We’re not slow–we run on analog time.

Ride the light !


We got our Sweetgum tree trimmed so branches no longer overhang the darkroom, & got mulch paths for you ! Enhancing accessibility, & protecting our assets !

We look forward to further improvements as we are able. One thing going forward is a vestibule in lieu of our rotating darkroom door. If there are accommodations you need in the meantime, reach out !

Family is paramount here at Light Rider Studios–therefore, we care deeply for you heirlooms & stories. Saturday 12 February is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, & Light Rider Studios’ owner’s eldest siblings’ as well ! Do some creative Abe Lincoln or family history inspired project ideation while we are CLOSED Saturday 12 February.


We are now OPEN Saturdays 6-9PM

We well be CLOSED 17-24 January.

We will be holding space for Creative Parents to meet-up 1st Mondays 9:30-11am–see you 7 Feb ! Kiddos welcome.

Space for all ages


Commit to your photographic practice & community ! Limited number of Founding Memberships available. Lock in this great rate for full use of the Space !

We will be adding hours Friday Night after Lunar New Year & begin hosting a monthly meet-up every Second Monday, 9:30-11am–join other creative parents 7 Feb !


We have Film ! Limited supply on offer to bring a little light into these dark days.


There’s a reason why most people who have developed film & photographs in a Darkroom call the experience ‘magic’–find out ! Use our space or take a class & develop your own magic.


Space. We have it. For holiday photo sessions & other gatherings…


Yes, we have film ! Limited supply, but since we teach its use, we tend to have some fun rolls on-hand for you if the whim or need strikes you.


3rd Thursday Movie Night: La Casa Lobo

21 Oct 2021, 8-10PM

Bring a comfortable seat, snacks & chill vibes…

Ride the light !


the weather is getting crisp… time to get inside and work images collected over the summer…


We are now open regularly to the public 11-4 Fridays & Saturday. Use our darkroom, digital tools or rent the space; take a class; or have us do custom work for you !

Ride the Light !



we will be temporarily closed to the public until our official opening In the meantime, projects accepted online & via phone; & sign up for a class !


Wow ! We’re busy ! Getting ready for you. New floors should arrive this month !

We are applying for grant funding to pay an artist to paint our exterior–drop us a line if you would like to considered for this Art Call/Residency.

See some of our work out & about at these Events; sign-up for Classes; stay-tuned for upcoming courses & our official opening, 3rd Thursday in September !


Our first courses begin this week: Film Photography is being offered online Friday night. Learn the ins & outs of film photography and why you might want to dabble in this medium.

Hands-on courses being in August with Cyanotyping & Pinhole Camera making.

Stayed tuned for darkroom Film Development in the Fall.


We have become home to some carpenter ants–while we help our friends relocate & clean-up their mess, classes have been postponed. See the updated schedule in the entry below.


updated 7/7


We’re getting closer & closer to opening ! It has been a lot of hard work, but it is paying off–doesn’t the darkroom look nice ?