You are what makes it !

Current Members

Members are investors in this li’l endeavor. They come in as often as they want, including not at all. They invest in their own & others’ photographic practice; they make this community possible.

Koa Tom

exploits contemporary & historical processes to explore the continuum between people & the rest of nature, & the evolution of photography itself

Gerry Rouff

leaves beauty in his wake

Gerry’s the best !


John Ritchie

John shapes light and light shapes John – sometimes in the most 
astonishing ways!

For more of John’s photography, look at John Ritchie Images & 

Jess Hume

Jess is a photography and mixed media artist interested in the intersections of human and ecological life cycles of the earth. She also loves talking about music, a solid glass of lemonade, and anything to do with color.

Former Members

people come & go – we love & need you the same .

Thank you for your contributions :

Haakon Hoffstedt

Haakon was our second member & investor for which we are ever grateful.

He brought to us Gerry & the rest is history in the making …


Leeann Cafferata

Lee Ann Cafferata, PhD, is a historian of nineteenth-century industrial technology who recently began learning how to take photographs.

Her goals are to create historic narratives through landscape photography, to picture how the land, people, and time shape each other.


Scott Moss

Scott Moss enjoys folk photography with a medium format analog camera. Meeting new and interesting people is one of his favorite things about portraiture.