Film Development

Black & White, C41 process color film & E6 process color slide (positive) film all done individually by hand. For an hand-done, artist’s touch… or learn how to do it yourself !

First roll $25; 2 or more (same process) $15 each if we do it for you.

or do your own ! previous experience a must–sign-up for lessons !

We do it…for youwith you*DIY**
Film formatB&W, C41 or E6B&W, C41 or E6B&W, C41 or E6
Single roll, 35mm/12025lessons20**
2+ rolls (same process)15lessons**
**hourly darkroom rate

hi-res scans : $20.

*individualized instruction also available–tell us what you want to learn !

Yes, we develop sheet film !

4×5 provia

yes, we do cine film !