Light Rider Studios (LRS) is a community-focused photography hub situated between Albany & Corvallis, Oregon. Through services, classes and spaces, we connect our community to the photographic resources they seek. Light Rider Studios provides Photo Restoration & Art Reproduction Services; analog & digital photography Lessons; & use of our analog & digital Photography Spaces.

Montana developing Black & White Film


Light Rider Studios operates on historical land of Kalapuya peoples past & present and honors with gratitude the land itself and the people who have stewarded it throughout the generations. Anyone wanting to respectfully explore their stories &/or the stories around them using Photography artist Koa A. Tom welcomes you to their professional studio space for custom artistic & restoration work; hands-on workshops in digital & analog photographic methodologies; and offers space use and equipment to artists, seasoned & raw alike, for their personal artistic endeavors or events. Light Rider Studios supports the growing narrative of the Photography medium by preserving history; teaching knowledge; & encouraging experimentation, whilst also simply being a community space. Reach out to be a part.

Ride the light !

Hours // Sunday – Wednesday 11 AM – 4 PM

Address // behind 2150 NE Conifer Blvd on Vine

Email // lightriderstudio @ gmail . com

Phone // (541) 602 – 4342

in entering this Space & utilizing its services & other offerings, you honor our Community Agreement :

Folx Are Sayin’

I love them so much–thanks for your help !!“– Emily Rose Krouse, professional photographer, on her first DIY color film development session

I love how you photograph my work.“– Hannah Meadows Collage, professional artist, on our documentation of her work

“Quite pleased.”– Mary Frances Stillwell , Artist & Botanist, on Giclee print reproductions of her pastels & oil paintings

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Instagram // @ light.rider.studios