Digitize your prints and film for sharing or storage. Smaller artworks may also be scanned to recreate Giclee editions for sale or display. Digital is nimble and a good back-up of your favorite memories. Restoration and reprinting begins with scanning.

Scan Prices

individually done with dust clean-up & sized to print as large as original or one size higher.

original size (print; film)$ ea.
3.5×5, 4×6; 35mm & 120 slide or frame5
5×7; 4×510
8×8/10/12, 10×10; roll film (35mm & 120)20
11×14; 8×1025
roll 22035
delivered via email or bring in a USB drive

Light Rider Studios retains your scans for 3 months–be sure you obtain them within that time ! However, it never hurts to ask; we’re simply not in the business of data storage at this time.